to equip the Lord's servants to invite Gen Z to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb

We want you to feel empowered and encouraged to go out and tell people about your love for Jesus! Our heart is to help you get over the fear of sharing the Gospel and give you tools that Jesus' Spirit in you can use to draw the lost unto Himself. Let's NORMALIZE EVANGELIZING!

What Does the Logo Mean?

Meet the CEO

Ayyyeee! My name is Pierre Exantus, the first worker for SVN Seals! I can only take the title for founding this company for legal purposes and to avoid having to redundantly explain the hierarchy of this organization.

This organization was not my idea; the name was not from me, nor has any growth, if any, been of my hand. I did not grow up wanting to sell clothes, never thought I'd be selling clothes, nor has clothes ever been a passion of mine. I don't know how to dress, fashion is not my forte, nor do I have an eye for it. I'm just out here lol.

However the Lord, who is the best at anything man can do, has continued to give me confidence with pursuing this clothing thing, and under His direction, inspiration, and motivation I am just a worker obeying His commands on how He wants this organization to be run.

This organization is like Israel before a king was ever anointed: directly hearing from God, trusting His guidance through wilderness, war, and victories, and continuing to be witnesses to His faithfulness.

My King, my Lord, my Master is the CEO of this organization!

Disclaimer: This introduction serves a reminder for myself, as well. A good way to remember how ugly things got for Israel after they demanded a king.

The Beginning

Looking back, the Lord showed me all the times in my life where He has been preparing to use me to make this vision of His a reality; He's been planning this out for at least about 5 years before He even started showing me which way to go. Starting October 2020, the Lord began giving me the vaguest of instructions and it took a fresh new batch of faith every time to obey Him. My passion was music, my skill was in singing, yet He asked for both of these things back. That season, I was a full-time student, working a practically full-time job, and started taking responsibility for the souls of my colleagues by leading a Bible Study for men in college. However, one random day doing something random, The Lord started giving me tiny bits of His vision. The Lord gifted me with the faith to trust that the picture was beautiful despite how blurry it looked in the moment. Overtime, the Lord blessed these tiny acts of faith towards starting this clothing brand with confirmation, signs, and overtime, He drew me deeper and deeper into the unknown: asking me to quit my job, sow hundreds, might be even thousands, of dollars into this blurry vision of His, do uncomfortable things, make blind sacrifices out of trust and obedience. And even as of now (8/8/2021), whenever people ask me in some form or fashion what I am doing and plan on doing with my life, despite what socially correct response I give, the real answer, deep inside my heart, is "I don't know." I don't know because my King speaks when He wants and says what He wants, how He wants to, and  my faith in not knowing pleases Him; it makes Him smile. To me "I don't know" is an answer that brings me joy because the remainder of the answer is "He does." I am forced to look to Him.

What's next?

So here we are haha and from here we go! We are continuously seeking the Lord for His guidance, wisdom, intelligence, GRACE, and as He continues to stretch us and grow us, we hope that SVN SEALS reminds you that you are not alone as He does the same in you :)