Shipping & Tracking



Expect an order to be verified and processed before 2-8 business days. Please grant 7-10 business days after your order has been shipped for delivery.

Upon our judgement, we retain the right to ask our customers for additional information in order to successfully complete verification. Furthermore, we reserve the right to void any order at all times.

Once we have shipped your order, confirmed by a delivery tracking number, any claim to be made do to lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed merchandise should be settled with USPS or UPS.

We seek to always provide a tracking number once verification, processing, and the submission to USPS of an order has successfully been completed.

Our shipping policies and procedures are subject to change at all times without notification.


Please grant 48 hours for tracking information to be brought up to date. Beyond our control, the courier sometimes takes a bit longer to scan the shipped package.

Once we have shipped your order, all contact or control is passed onto the courier. Please contact them for any information concerning the location of your order. Additionally, when your order has been confirmed as delivered by the courier, we have absolutely no contact with your order and all inquiries and/or concerns should be taken up with the courier.

All of our Policies are for the sake of remaining transparent with our customers! If our Lord is not the author of confusion, to the best of our abilities, neither are We.